Ryou "Zaki" Akasaki

Ryou Akasaki

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Ryou Akasaki (赤崎遼)

Akasaki is a mid-fielder of ETU and became the first ETU player since Tatsumi to play for the National Team.

Position: MF
Age: 21 years old
Height: 175cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood type: AB
Jersey: #15

Gino has designated Akasaki his guard dog and given him the nickname Zaki. Along with Tsubaki, Akasaki co-ordinates well with Gino and assists the later with his play-making. As an offensive mid-fielder, Akasaki has scored three goals. The most vital of Akasaki's goals came against the Osaka Gunners, being the first goal that mark the change in the course of the game.

Indeed, Akasaki has performed so well during the season that he was invited to the U-23 National Olympic Team for their preliminary match against Hong Kong. During the match, Akasaki's assist led to the goal that saw Japan be victorious against Hong Kong. His National Team jersey number is 23.

Akasaki's hobby is listening to music.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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