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Noriko (ノリコ)
Nicole (Japanese: ノリコ Noriko) is a character of the day who appears in The Lotad Lowdown. She has two sisters, Natalie and Rita, who, together, run the Flower shop located near the lake of the Lotad. Her English voice actress is Bella Hudson and her Japanese voice actress is 進藤尚美 Naomi Shindoh.

After lecturing her younger sister Natalie about being nice to travelers, Nicole offered Ash and co. to stay for lunch and sample the Oran Berry pie she baked. While eating, Nicole, along with her sister Rita, invited the gang to view the Flower shop's garden to see all sorts of Berries they're growing. While touring the garden, Ash took interest in the Tamato Berry which Nicole quickly stopped him from eating it due to its spiciness.

Nicole is very knowledgeable when it comes to Berries and their effects.


Voice Actors
Shindo, Naomi
Schroeder, Erica