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Pucca's kind-hearted best friend. Ching is a very sweet, happy ninja girl who is generally well-liked for her sunny, upbeat attitude. She is the daughter of Chang, the owner of the Turtle Training Hall, and she trains under her father with Garu, Abyo, and Ssoso. She uses two swords appearing similar to Jian in battle and is easily distracted.

She has a pet chicken named Won who sits on her head, a heart-shaped mouth, and 2 swirls on her cheeks. The eggs that Won lays apparently have magical properties which is said to be true in "A Force of Won". In "Hottest Fighter Abyo", Abyo saved Ching from a trio of villains. She was quickly entranced by his skill and he became her love interest.

Ching secretly wants to marry Abyo and became jealous of Ring Ring in the episode "Ching it on" when both fought for Abyo's affections. Ching cut Ring Ring's ribbon, which touched off one of Gyarados' rampage attacks, but with help from Pucca, Ching eventually saved the day and won the battle.

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Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Kei
Pitotti, Barbara