Emthatt "Hikitsu" Chen

Emthatt Chen

Fushigi Yuugi
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Fushigi Yuugi
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Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
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Emthatt Chen (エムタト·チェン)

Age: 21
Birthday: November 16
Blood Type: 0
Height: 184 cm

Hikitsu is a Genbu Celestial Warrior, born in the Han Tribe, an ethnic minority in western Hokkan. His true name is Emthatt Chen, born under the star Dipper. As a Celestial Warrior, he is able to manipulate water in the form of snakes, but also possesses a second ability which he has no control over: Shikyokan, where anyone who looks upon the eye with his character is forced to remember their worst memories.

Hikitsu is very withdrawn, almost to the point of being cold, to everyone apart from his sister Aira and his best friend Tomite, whom Hikitsu had saved during an attack which caused the death of Tomite's father. He refuses to join Takiko because he is guarding Aira, who was frozen in a block of ice, but after being reunited by Tomite, Hikitsu is persuaded to join them once Aira is freed. Though he initially interacts very little with his fellow Celestial Warriors aside from Tomite and demonstrating particular fondness for Namame, Hikitsu slowly begins to open up to them, proving to be an invaluable friend and companion. Alongside Inami, he is a voice of reason amongst the group and an effective fighter, able to assess situation and agreeing with Inami that it would be best to retreat during a battle to defend villagers.

In the original Fushigi Yuugi, he and Tomite are guardians to the Shinzaho of the Priestess of Genbu, the necklace that the Oracle Anlu had given Takiko, after their deaths. While he takes his duty seriously, Hikitsu speaks freely to Miaka concerning the Shinzaho when confronted by the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku.

Voice Actors
Hiyama, Nobuyuki
Stellrecht, Skip

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