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Lila (リラ)
Anime: Anabel appeared in the episodes Talking a Good Game! and Second Time's the Charm!.

Anabel has the empathic ability to sense the emotions of living beings and communicating with them, ever since she was little, possessing powers similar to Yellow of Pokémon Adventures, although other characters do not seem to regard these as psychic abilities but rather a honed sense of empathy. Nevertheless, she is still portrayed as a sort of Psychic-type specialist. She also shares a strong bond with her Pokémon, calling them my friend upon sending them out. She failed to teach Ash and May her empathetic abilities, as their Pokémon receive nothing from them.

Ash and his friends were surprised to learn that Anabel is a girl; when the group arrived at her house, she declined to change her wet clothes in front of them. Ash asked if it was because of May's presence, but Anabel explained that it was because she's female.

Ash lost his first match to Anabel after her powerful Alakazam managed to defeat two of his Pokémon consecutively, shadowing both Ash's Corphish and Tauros. In a rematch, Ash beat her by using the same strategy as in the previous battle. During their farewell, Anabel was shown to have a crush on Ash.

Manga: Anabel is the most powerful Frontier Brain, and the leader of the group. Her trademark Pokémon is Raikou.

Anabel directs the resistance to Guile Hideout's attack, but falls victim to one of his traps, allowing him control over the Battle Tower. Emerald tries to scale the Tower and stop the villain, but despite the emergency the Tower's automated trainer system is active, forcing Emerald to battle his way to the top.

Emerald succeeds, but meets a horrifying sight at the top - Anabel, brainwashed and under Guile Hideout's complete control. She brutally crushes him in a battle and then attempts to kill him when he is rescued by Sapphire and Ruby.

Guile Hideout then makes an appearance and threatens to kill Anabel unless he is given the information he demands on Jirachi.

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