Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria
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Valkyrie Profile 2: Comic Anthology - EX
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Alicia (アリーシャ)
At the beginning of Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, Alicia is very shy and withdrawn. She is timid, and hates to fight. Alicia rarely talks at all, and when she does it is very shyly. Once they begin the quest for the Dragon Orb, however, Alicia begins to come out of her shell and talk more. we first see major evidence of a change when she encounters Ull in the Royal Underground Passage. She talks to him freely, but when she is not allowed passage to Dipan, she draws her sword, a first for her. In Dipan, she also draws her sword willingly against Walther and Gyne, as well as Hrist. After Chapter 4 ends, another piece of evidence is the way Alicia's battle quotes change. Instead of being peace oriented and scared, she now relishes in combat and mocks the enemy. An example of this is "Let us claim first blood. Attack." Compared to an old quote of "Can we really win this?" we see she has changed. She is accustomed to battle, and now enjoys it.

Another major turning point for her is the battle with Heimdall and Odin. She says, "I no longer pray to the gods, lest my resolve should weaken! I can't look back now, it will only slow me down! I can only go forward, now... Forward, as a human." Alicia has become her own person with major goals and great resolve.

The last stage of Alicia's character growth is when she volunteers to be Valkyrie's vessel. She is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

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