Chizuru Oota

Great Teacher Onizuka
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Chizuru Oota

In the manga, she's the head of 'The Mother and Child in School Victims' Support Group." In the anime, she's the president of the 'Society of the Study of Victimization of Mothers and Children in Education.' Honestly I think it sounded cooler in the anime despite the fact that they both are technically about the same thing... Anyway... Teshigawara calls her in... in his plan to try to get rid of Onizuka. She starts to hate Onizuka after an unfortunate accident in the classroom. She was the one (getting the idea from Teshigawara) to have Onizuka take the Togaku test. Has a change of heart after Onizuka's brave, unselfish, and risky move to save Hidemi.

Voice Actors
Shimamoto, Sumi
Dragani, Pinella