Zu Mei Chang

Zu Mei Chang

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Zu Mei Chang (ズゥ・メイ・チャン)
Zu Mei Chang is a metallurgist and Anti-Akuma Weapon manufacturer, as well as Head Chef of the Asia Branch of the Black Order. He is Bak Chang's great-uncle. Formerly a great magician of the Chang clan who held a high position and wields a substantial power in the Central.

He was the teacher of a younger Leverrier and one of the few people that addresses him as 'Malcolm.' He's also a master in culinary, and happens to be the master of Jeryy, the current Head Chef of the Headquarters. Even though he wasn't directly involved in the 'Second Apostle Project,' he couldn't ignore his own guilt, he usually showed up in the research lab's kitchen to watch over the state of affairs.

Voice Actors
Iizuka, Shouzou