Kai Ryuukouji

Kai Ryuukouji

Tokimeki Memorial 4 OVA
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Kai Ryuukouji (龍光寺 カイ)
Birthday: April 14
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 167 cm
Class: Freshman

Tough as nails and unafraid to prove it, the slightest sight of Kai’s menacing silhouette is enough to strike unadulterated terror into petty thugs and punks of neighborhood gangs. Earning the reputation of a fierce fighter with a short fuse – something entirely true – Kai is granted a wide berth by the student body majority out of territorial respect. Believing attendance and heeding the instructions of academy faculty are inconsequential, she is known to regularly skip classes and leave campus grounds, finding peaceful solitude to contemplate or spending leisure time at gaming arcades.

Voice Actors
Matsuura, Chie