Aki Kooriyama

Aki Kooriyama

Tokimeki Memorial 4 OVA
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Aki Kooriyama (郡山 知姫)
Birthday: July 14
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: AB
Height: 170 cm
Class: Sophomore

Aki serves as an inspiring role model for the multitude of junior classmen, possessing a level headed maturity and precise efficiency that exceeds expectations for an individual her age. Assessing surroundings with a logical and zero nonsense clarity, Aki’s professionalism and attention to detail has granted her unrestricted access to academy science facilities to further personal studies and research. While Aki can be trusted to not act childish or irresponsibly, her insatiable curiosity has been known to blur clarity of judgment from time to time.

Voice Actors
Shouji, Umeka