Amuro Ninagawa

Kenkou Zenrakei Suiei-bu Umishou
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Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou
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Amuro Ninagawa (蜷川 あむろ)

Amuro Ninagawa is a second year student at Umisho and came from Okinawa on a house raft with her father. She's a very skilled swimmer and loves it to swim nude in the ocean, which sometimes leads to trouble. Though she only swims nude with those shes familiar with, especially Kaname, she is on the Umisho swim team. She is very bright and cheerful, along with charming and cute. She may seem clueless, but is a very outgoing person. She also has a large bust, which attracts the boys. She recieved the X's on her head from her grandmother who is lost at sea.

Voice Actors
Toyosaki, Aki

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