Oriha "Sekirei No. 101"


Sekirei: Pure Engagement
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Oriha (織刃)
One of Izumi Higa's Sekirei, she speaks in a sing-song voice. She fights using several bladed disks. Has a fear of snakes. Fought against Tsukiumi while trying to acquire Homura for Izumi. During the third stage she fought against Haihane (of the diciplinary squad) and was seemingly defeated by her, but reappeared later and attacked Minato, who was barely saved by Homura.[50] She faced off against Tsukiumi in a rematch of their previous battle, but was overwhelmed and easily defeated by Tsukiumi's Norita.

Norita: These flying gears represent my pledge cut away the enemies...before my Ashikabi!

Voice Actors
Iguchi, Yuka
Caruso, Katie