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Jewelpet Twinkle☆: Hohoemi no Niji ni Dokki☆Doki!
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Sara (沙羅)
Sara is Sapphy's human partner in Jewelpet Tinkle. A Half Japanese and half Indian girl, she's the genius prodigy of the trio who likes science, especially chemistry and physics, inventions and always reads magic books. She lives away from her parents and although she doesn't talk much, sometimes a cold-hearted person and can get clumsy, she is expert on doing magic using chemistry and magic physics, while making her experiments successful. Nicola or Miria thinks that she is weird, but Akari thinks that Sara is a nice person inside, although she doesn't show it. She and Nicolas were rivals due to their knowledge in magic. She is afraid of mushrooms and thinks they are scary. Her wish after she obtains the Jewel Star is still unknown. She and Sapphy can cast magic using her Jewel Charm, also changing her attire to her Blue Magician's Outfit to amplify her magic.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Enoki, Azusa
Park, Seon Yeong