Sergeant Pedro Gonzales

Sergeant Pedro Gonzales

Kaiketsu Zorro
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Sergeant Pedro Gonzales (ゴンザレス軍曹)
A stout sergeant who often serves as the series' comic relief, or the anti-villain. He is a 22 year old heavy set, corpulent man who loves to eat more than anything else in life. He is under lieutenant Gabriel’s command, but has trouble understanding the lieutenant’s orders.

Often he discusses his orders and the motives behind the military operations with Diego de la Vega. He carries out his orders to the letter, and rarely questions the assignments he receives, though at times, he doesn’t understand why he has to chase Zorro who helps the weak in their struggle against tyrants.

Voice Actors
Shioya, Kouzou
Peña, Mariano
Ogouz, Philippe