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Kimigiku (君菊)
Kimigiku(君菊) is a member of a shinobi clan that works for Senhime's family. Shortly after Harada's patrol group encounters Nagumo Kaoru for the first time, he uses the reward from the patrol task to treat his fellow captains to dinner in Shimabara, the courtesan district; Kimigiku, dressed as a courtesan , serves them for the night. They talk about how Chizuru resembles Kaoru, and when the captains suggest dressing Chizuru in women's clothing, Kimigiku willingly accepts their request. While the group is enjoying themselves that evening, Kimigiku spots Kazama and Amagiri, and is shown in her shinobi clothing during the day, reporting to Senhime that his group of oni has returned to Kyoto. After Heisuke and Saito leave with Itou's group, Senhime and Kimigiku pay Chizuru a visit at the Shinsengumi headquarters to reveal that Kazama is in Kyoto, and when Kimigiku is revealed to the captains to be servant and bodyguard to Senhime as well as an oni herself, she and Senhime request that Chizuru join them for her own safety.

(Source: Hakuouki Wiki)

Voice Actors
Mosier, Carli
Katsuta, Akiko