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Jun Kitagawa (北川潤)

The very outgoing Jun Kitagawa is the self proclaimed boyfriend to Kaori Misaka. He worships the ground she walks on, but unfortunately the love is one-sided and is less like two lovers and more like an owner (Kaori) and her dog (Jun). Despite being very infatuated with Kaori, he still is a very big womanizer and will try to get any woman available. He is first introduced by running into Yuuichi and Nayuki in the shopping district. This is where he got his nickname of "Luggage Boy" by Yuuichi. He's most often seen in school where he shares the same class with Kaori, Yuuichi, and Nayuki. His most prominent role in the series was being the MC for a formal school dance, where he had to help Mai out of a pinch.

Likes: Kaori Misaka, girls, dancing, and Kaori Misaka
Dislikes: bags, being left out, and being dissed by Misaka

Voice Actors
Seki, Tomokazu
Ayres, Greg
Kim, Seung jun
Ferenc, Tom

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