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Chibiromano (チビロマーノ)
The older brother of Chibitalia, Chibiromano was Spain's minion from the end of the Italian Wars (1559) until 1713 as a result of Spain's loss to the Austrian Hapsburg Monarchy in the War of Spanish Succession. Not much is known about his history before then, except that he was left behind during the Renaissance era when Chibitalia learned the arts from his grandfather (Roman Empire). The two brothers had not actually met, though aware of each other's existence, until Rome's disappearance and Chibitalia's return.

Chibiromano is a lazy good-for-nothing as Spain disappointingly finds out upon their first meeting. He refuses to obey orders, tells futile lies, repeats "bastard" (コンヤロ) at the end of almost every sentence, blames others (Spain) for his misdoings, and openly and easily cries when upset or embarassed. He has a tendency to turn red when so, prompting Spain to compare him to a tomato, much to his chagrin.

Despite his rude remarks and his ignorance over his own position before others, he has a low self-confidence. He's aware that he is even more 'hetare' (useless) than his brother, who can perform housework chores and painting better than he can. He believes that the only reason why Spain (and France) want him under their dominion is to inherit the legacy of his grandfather. When he finds out Spain had led sacrifices to save him from the Ottoman Empire at one point, he brings himself to thank Spain, albeit embarassedly.

According to the third manga volume, his significantly different attitude towards girls over men has already been established at his age, when, after claiming that the Spanish language was hard to learn, he uses it to flirt with Belgium right in front of Spain. He also has an erogenous curly ahoge like his brother, which he has forbidden Spain from touching, believing Spain's relentless tugging an act of molestation since "it feels good". He can "dance" the tarantella and is frequently found eating pizza.

Voice Actors
Clinkenbeard, Colleen
Kanada, Aki