Juri "Spider" Han

Juri Han

Super Street Fighter IV
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Juri Han (ハン・ジュリ)
Juri was a prominent practitioner of Taekwondo when she was 15. Her father was a lawyer in charge of prosecuting organized crime operations. In this capacity, Shadoloo was his next target, causing her family to be kidnapped by that very organization. During the ordeal, Juri lost her parents and her left eye. S.I.N. eventually gave her a new eye, powered by the Feng Shui System. She has a very strong rivalry with Chun-Li and Cammy. M. Bison apparently seems to go after her most likely due to Seth's intervention of the S.I.N. organization. Shortly after working for Seth, she turns on him to kill both Bison and Seth. In the end she confronts Bison, who had just beaten Seth, and while the battle is not seen, she appears to live from the battle. She approaches Seth and taunts him on him being a spare body for Bison before killing him by stomping on his Tandem Engine, revealing that she planned to become the new leader of S.I.N. ("I just wanted to pit you two idiots together while I took over.")

(Source: Street Fighter Wiki)

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Kitamura, Eri