Sariel "The Angel of Death"



Watashi no Messiah-sama
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The Angel of Death, Sariel is said to have the knowledge to bring back the dead to life. As one of the Emperor's followers, he was imprisoned by Vaul so he bears great hatred against him. He is extremely adept at reading the future and can predict his opponent's moves before they have been made. This makes him extremely lethal in combat. It is suggested that Sariel is responsible for Haruna becoming the Priestess of Salvation instead of the Priestess of Domination. At the very end of the manga series, it is revealed that Sariel is in fact the real Emperor. Strangely, Sariel had the ability to temporarily appoint Ryohei as The Emperor until Sariel felt that the time was right to take over as The true Emperor. Immediately after awakening as The true Emperor, he tears out Shinya's heart. He explains that he hates humans and that he is actually a god. He most likely hates humans because they imprisoned him for 1000 years, causing him to lose his memory. As a result, he wants to wipe out all humans and create a world devoid of humans. However, Lilu uses the Holy Mother to exchange her life to bring back Shinya's life. Afterwards, The Book of Salvation reads "The Messiah hath awakened," revealing that Shinya had not fully released his powers until that moment. Shinya quickly overwhelms Sariel with his true power; however, Sariel notes that Shinya's "easy way of living" will get him killed, and he begins charging up his remaining energy to destroy the tree of live for Celestia. Shinya fires a beam at Sariel in his haste to stop Sariel, and as the beam nears Sariel, Sariel simply ceases charging his energy and allows Shinya's beam to pierce his chest. Obviously, he never intended to destroy the tree of life. As he is dying, he wonders why he was born, believing that he must die as humans and gods can never get along. His last words to Shinya were "Now, go and save the world".

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