Claugh "Claugh of the Crimson Finger" Klom

Claugh Klom

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Claugh Klom (クラウ・クロム)

A young man in his early twenties, with red hair, Claugh is a senior statesman of Roland and the right-hand man of Sion and is also known as “Claugh of the Crimson Finger (紅指のクラウ?)”, a title he gained as his bare right hand is always stained with the enemies' blood on the battlefield. He was instrumental in helping Sion succeed in the revolution to overthrow the previous tyrant, Sion's father, and today he holds the position of Field Marshal of Roland's army. Despite the fact that he is not in complete agreement on many of the tough decisions that Sion had to make out of necessity, he remains absolutely loyal to Sion. Claugh dislikes putting himself in a safe place while others are fighting, and prefers to use his muscles to handle the military side of the country, than to use his head to work out the intricacies of politics, policies, among other stuff. Because of this he is often envious of Miller for being able to reject promotions, and of Luke for being able to go on stealth missions. Aside from his battle prowess, Claugh was described by Froaude as a highly charismatic person, is well-liked by both the populace and his men, and this was an essential quality to head the army during tough times.

While suppressing the rebellion from the vassal country of Estabul, Claugh saves the former princess of Estabul, Noa Ehn, from death during Froaude's extermination exercise on Estabul's nobles. While he was initally oblivious to the romantic feelings that Noa carries for him, as well his own feelings, eventually they develop a more steadfast mutual love relationship, though Claugh still carries some reservations and doubts.

There are three things that Claugh hated in his life: Roland's former tyrannical king and his nobles, Miran Froaude, which improved ever so slightly over time, and the worst of them all Tiia Rumiblue (ティーア・ルミブル, Tīa Rumiburu?), the bearer of Cursed Eyes “Īno Dwōe (殲滅眼, イーノ・ドゥーエ?, Īno Dwōe)”. When he was a child, part of his right arm was bitten off by Tiia, and in order to maintain the functionality of his arm, he was tattooed with a red magical inscription on his arm. This inscription when invoked, gives Claugh the power to almost instantaneously slice anything into fine pieces with his right hand, including human beings. He mistook Tiia's eyes to be Alpha Stigma, since Alpha Stigma is much more common than other Cursed Eyes and the general awareness of the existence of other Cursed Eyes is much less, and saw him as a monster. Later, he fought a battle with Tiia and was overwhelmed easily, losing his right arm in the process. In order to exact revenge on Tiia, Claugh uses a forbidden curse to attain an artificial jet-black arm, and became known as “The Death God with a Black Hand (黒手の死神, Kurote no Shinigami?)”.

Voice Actors
McFarland, Mike
Imaruoka, Atsushi