Kaname Izuma

Kaname Izuma

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Kaname Izuma (出馬 要)
Age: 18
Birthday: January 4 (Capricorn)
Height: 189 cm (6'2")

The leader of the six knights. A senior at St. Ishiyama High. Miki's teacher and the 16th head of the Izuma style martial arts.

The leader of the six knights. He is shown to be the strongest of its members holding a great deal of authority over the group. He is also the teacher of Mikki. It is implied that he has demon powers of his own or some other technique that has yet to be determined. He is a difficult character to read at first as his actions and his thirst for death contradict each other. He was first introduced trying the stop the fray on top of the school rooftop. He quickly emerged and stopped Mikki from dealing any more blows to Oga. He is later stopped and challenged by Toujou. Toujou attacks him with a deathly blow which Izuma stops with apparent ease. When Toujou asks whether he would like to fight or not, he simple responds that childish fights are of no interest to him and that, if Toujou was willing, a death match could be easily arranged. While saying this the rest of the fighting participants on top of the rooftop notice that the wind around him suddenly whirled. This, however, stopped instantly and the fight ended. The next day Oga and the rest of the gang that participated in the fight (minus the six knights) were assembled in the principals office. The principal decided that their expulsion would be put on hold. If they succeeded in a contest against six knights they would be allowed to stay at Saint Ishyama. This statement is challenged however and the principal ultimately agrees to remove the authority of the six knights should they win. It is shown later that Izuma was behind this challenge to Oga and the gang as he is shown outside the principal's window. Inuzama has shown considerable authority, not only within the school, but with the faculty members aswell. He is later seen as the sports challenge was stated. He told Mikki that he found a safe spot away from the eyes of the teachers where he could have his tilt with Oga.

Voice Actors
Fukuda, Kenji
Leblan, Jean-Pierre