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Netherlands (オランダ)
Nation's Name: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Capital: Amsterdam
Language: Dutch
Birthday: Unknown
National Flower: Tulip

Height: Unknown (but around the same height as Denmark)
Age: Unknown

The brother of Belgium and Luxembourg. His first official appearance was in a commemorative drawing for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in which he was shown in a soccer uniform along with Denmark, Japan, and Cameroon, whom was also making his debut appearance. He has spiky light brown hair (which was changed to blonde in the anime, and has also been shown in a down-style in a sketch by Hidekaz Himaruya) and green eyes, which have been colored as amber and blue in a few pieces of official artwork.

The Netherlands was the country that warned Japan about America coming after him in 1852, which is the reason why the two countries get along so well to this day. Japan only kept in contact with the Netherlands, who informed him about the movements of the other European countries every time he came to Japan.

He also was the one to have apparently beat up Finland and Sweden after they built a villa in America during the exploration of the “New World.” While explaining this to England and France, Finland states that he hopes that the Netherlands does not find America, who was a baby at this time. As he is saying this, a silhouette of the Netherlands appears, looking somewhat like a ferocious monster.

He and his sister Belgium don't get along well because their personalities differ greatly; Belgium is mature while the Netherlands is cool and collected. Both were living in Spain’s house for quite sometime, and that seems to be when their relationship first went sour. After the Netherlands declared his independence from Spain, Belgium had to fight against him. The Netherlands later tried making up with her by forming one country with her, but due to their differences (which mainly included religion, trade, and diplomatic relations with other countries), things did not work out and the two remained as separate entities.

His personality is that of someone who plays it cool and is a true bro. He is a strong strategist, a neat freak, a schemer, is somewhat pessimistic, is exceptionally muscular. He also loves bunnies, hates things that are tied, and is stingy, solemn, neurotic, and somewhat of a tsundere. It is mentioned that he can be competitive at times, and loves to fight, one example being when he once fought with Turkey over who deserved the title of "The Tulip Country" (which the Netherlands probably won, as stated by Finland). His kitchen and garden, apparently, are flawless. In a sketch, he is shown smoking marijuana and thinks lightly of taking drugs, a possible reference to the large marijuana and drug dealing industry stationed in Amsterdam, his capital. In other sketches and in strips of the manga, he is shown smoking from a pipe. In volume three of the manga, his character profile states that "Of course he goes Dutch." His trademark item of clothing is his white and blue striped scarf, which he is rarely seen without. He has a small scar on his forehead, and when and how he got it and what it exactly is suppose to represent, at this time, is unclear. He speaks in a Hokuriku dialect, and owns a pet rabbit, who seems to be a friend of Japan’s dog, Pochi-kun.

Although his official human name has not been decided, Hidekaz Himaruya revealed in a blog post that he has considered "Abel," "Govert," "Mogens," and "Tim" as possible names.

Voice Actors
Sinterniklaas, Michael
Mine, Nobuya