Witch Hunter
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Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Race: Human
Affiliation: Witch Hunter (D-Class)

Visul is Yue Bairong's (now Xing Bairong) attendant. She also punishes him for hitting on girls and Tasha Godspell.

Four years ago, Visul used to watch over Yue's studying, often times going about the Bairong Empire searching for him, as Yue was lazy and always skipped class. Although she predicted his being chosen as the new Emperor, she reveals her beliefs that he does not deserve it, as he is very lazy.

Three years ago, Visul saved Lee Bairong at his palace. When Lee noticed that he had not seen anybody around, and how silent it was, he deduced that a person that was not named had sent his men against him. Opening the door, he sees butchered corpses of guards. Shocked, he identifies them as the Nightcrow, the Emperor's elite assassins. Visul then appears with a broadsword, and he identifies her as their killer, as the broadsword she wielded was covered in blood, and the wounds of the men were identical of those from her weapon. When he asks her if she had killed his followers, she told him that she arrived after the Nightcrows took over the palace. Lee asked Visul if she was there to kill him, but she denies this, and says that she came on her own accord and stating that "Prince Yue does not want [Lee] to die here". When Lee wanted to kill her, he decides not to, stating that he would "lose my life like an idiot".
When Yue switches places with Xing, she appears besides him as he leaves, stating that she was chosen to watch over him and that she is far from retirement.

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