Bokuroku Daio

Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
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Bokuroku Daio (木鹿大王)
The rank third fighter in Nanban.

He was a beastman that was conned by Kentei into accepting a power that would effectively strip him of any humanity that he once had. He appears within Seito's wooded lands as to trap and capture Ryubi Gentoku, but is stopped by Mouyu who was then viciously beaten by him. He then tried to force his will on Ryubi and Koumei who were saved by the returning Gakushuu and Hakufu who then co-defeated him. He however would accept even more power from Kentei, buffing him considerably and proving to be a match for everyone there until he inadvertedly triggered Ryubi's dragon which in turn shredded him into ribbons while turning her into a semi-comotose dragon.

Voice Actors
Amada, Masuo
Pollock, Mike
Spitzer, Jan