Emperor "Emperor Zule" Zool

Emperor Zool

Rokushin Gattai GodMars: Juunana-sai no Densetsu
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Rokushin Gattai GodMars
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Rokushin Gattai GodMars (1982)
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Emperor Zool (ズール皇帝)
Emperor Zool is the dictator in control of Gishin and many other planets he has conquered. When Takeru was a baby, Zool took him from his biological parents and sent him to Earth, with the mission of destroying the planet when he's older. A cruel ruler, Zool has enslaved many people and inspired many rebellions. His ultimate wish is to control the entire known universe. Nobody can confirm if he is even human, because he is never seen without his mask and cloak...

Voice Actors
Naya, Gorou