Seiya "Archer Hawkins" Tobitaka

Seiya Tobitaka

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Seiya Tobitaka (飛鷹征矢)
Tobitaka is a slick punk from Raimon Town who leads a street gang and often gets into fights. He made a name for himself with his powerful kick and is discovered by Hibiki in the woods in the midst of another rumble with a rival gang. Hibiki urges Tobitaka to make "better use of that kick" and begins to teach him how to play Soccer in secret. Tobitaka gets a shot at joining the country's national team, Inazuma Japan and manages to get a spot for himself on the team. Slowly but surely, he develops his skills and even becomes a role model of sorts to the young Toramaru. He's never seen without his trademark hair-comb. His special technique is the Shinkuuma and later evolves into Shinkuuma V2 .

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Voice Actors
Longo, Thiago
Keplermaier, Thiago
Coltorti, Emiliano
Mine, Nobuya
Jeong, Jae Heon