Taijou Roukun "Roushi"

Taijou Roukun

Hakyuu Houshin Engi
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Houshin Engi
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Taijou Roukun (太上老君)
Taijou Roukun is the founder of Togenkyou, Shinkouhyou's master, and the one who raised Ryo Yuukyou. He is one of the Sandai Sennin, but is an incredibly lazy. He doesn't seem to care much about the world and spends every second of his life sleeping inside of his Taida Suit, only waking up for a few seconds every three years or so.

Taijou Roukun possesses quite a few paopei. Like the other Great Sennin, he also has one of the seven super paopei, the Taikyokuzu, which he ultimately gives to Taikoubou since it is of no use to him, or rather, he has no desire to use it. He also has the paopei, Ippakaseikunhaipa, which looks like toy hammer, and his Taida Suit that had created himself to protect him while sleeping and even breathe for him, since he is too lazy to even breathe on his own. Later on, he acquires the Keiseigensho, which was originally in Dakki's possession.

(Source: Houshin Engi Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kawanishi, Kengo