Ko Kibi

Ko Kibi

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Ko Kibi (胡喜媚)
Kibi is one of Dakki's two sisters, bieng the older one despite her childish looks. She's actually a Youkai Hanyou Sennin, whose true form is a chikeisei, a rare bird whose feathers can make time move forward or backward.

Like Youzen she makes use of a transformation ability,however hers is granted by the paopei Nyoihagoromo,a cloth similar to those weilded by her sisters. Kibi's transformation ability surpasses even the seven ultimate paopei due to it bieng able to turn her into anything she can imagine,such as a turning into light to by-pass a barrier.

She has a crush on Sibuxiang, always carrying around a plushie of him. At Hourai Island she challenges Taikoubou to a duel for permission to marry him.

Voice Actors
Chiba, Chiemi
Wiedenheft, Sarah