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Koyo Aoba
Koyo Aoba is a family member of Shimon Famiglia. He, along with his family, transferred to Namimori after an earthquake hit their area because it is relatively earthquake free. The Shimon Famiglia has been invited as guests to attend the Vongola Inheritance Ceremony.

He first appeared with Ryohei when they were stuck on answering difficult questions. He uses boxing gloves as his choice of weapon just like Ryohei. Both of them also have the same temper as seen when they quickly get angry and none of them wants to stop the fight. Koyo Aoba is sensitive over his contradictory name (Aoba meaning green leaves and Koyo meaning red leaves) saying that he has been told about that many times since he was born. He also states that no matter what his name means, they are still the same leaves. He is later seen at the school's rooftop with the other transfer students along with Tsuna's Guardians, watching Hibari fight Adelheid. Koyo even encourages Adelheid to "Defeat the Nami student." He appears to be surprised that Hibari did not waver at Adhelheid's beautiful underwear showing attack. Koyo also shocked along with Rauji that Hibari's attack pushed Adelheid back across the rooftop. But, fortunately, Tsuna (who is pushed by Reborn) stops the fight by coming between Hibari's and Adelheid's attack. Koyo is then surprised along with Rauji and Enma that Reborn could talk fluently. Reborn says that the Shimon are the Vongola's guests for the Inheritance Ceremony. Reborn even states that the Shimon Family has been their ally even before the time of Primo. But, even he did not until recently, because the Shimon Family has become weaker over the times. Koyo is slightly taken back when Reborn said that he sugar coated it. Reborn, on the other hand, said he did not, and Koyo shouted that they came all the way to see them. He was grouped with Adelheid, Ryohei and Hibari to patrol Namimori Middle School's thrid year building to protect Tsuna.

Aoba's VA is Kimura Ryohei.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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