Zako "Zakos" Soldiers

Zako Soldiers

SD Gundam Force
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Zako Soldiers (ザコソルジャー)
Infantry soldiers of Dark Axis and half the size of regular robots, the Zako Soldiers make up most of the troops in Dark Axis. Despite strength in numbers, they are not too bright. Five of them host Zako Zako Hour, to usually give insight on some events. After the failed invasion of Neotopia, the Zakos are made part of Zapper Zaku's janitorial squad on the Gundamusai.

Starting at the end of the sixth episode of Superior Defender Gundam Force, a small segment takes place where five Zako Soldiers conduct a show for the others. During the show they review events that took place in the episode, as well as future episodes. The main hosts of the Zako Zako Hour are differentiated from the others by the microphones they carry; a yellow triangle, a cylindrical red, and a blue square. Two occasional hosts are Zakos wearing chef hats, but one carrys a ladle and the other carries a whisk and is armorless. They hold their shows in the Magna-Musai, later called the Gundamusai.

Voice Actors
Itou, Kentarou
Nagasako, Takashi