Bakunetsumaru "Bakunetsumaru, the Blazing Samurai"


SD Gundam Force
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Bakunetsumaru (武者頑駄無 爆熱丸)
The Blazing Samurai of Ark, Bakunetsumaru is dedicated to protecting his homeland from both the forces of Kibaomaru and the Dark Axis. After being accidentally flung to Neotopia and seeing that the war is spilling even further into other dimensions, he swears to fight to protect his new home but remains vocal about his desperation to return to Ark. Bakunetsumaru's name is often a source of comedy as those not native Ark often forget how to say it. As a result, he is usually referred to as 'Baku' by his new friends. Baku fights with twin swords, at least one of which was given to him by the master who trained him. Using these he can perform his destructive signature attack, the Bakunetsu Tenkyoken, which is a giant flaming X shaped blast.

Voice Actors
Lowenthal, Yuri
Chiba, Susumu
Eom, Sang Hyeon