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Zero (ゼロ (翼の騎士 ゼロ))
A Knight Gundam sworn to protect Lacroa and its royal family, Zero was spirited away to Neotopia two years ago in the hopes he would find a way to combat the Dark Axis occupation. He ultimately hooked up with Neotopia's own Gundam defenders when the Dark Axis launched a campaign there. Flamboyant and noble, Zero sees himself as something of a gentleman and has an ego to match. He's also a sucker for women, especially damsels in distress. Like all Lacroan natives, Zero has access to a degree of magical powers which he casts with his powerful Buster Sword. He's displayed the ability to create barriers of energy, flying slashes of energy, and his signature attack, Super Magical Violet Tornado that consists of firing a gust of wind. Out of combat, he often produces magical flowers to annoy his team mate Bakunetsumaru, usually on the tip of his swords. Zero is an important figure in Lacroan mythology, which regards him as the 'Chosen One' who will save Lacroa.

Voice Actors
Saiga, Mitsuki
Kim, Jang