Tsubaki Tamashiro

Tsubaki Tamashiro

Koutetsushin Jeeg
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Tsubaki Tamashiro (珠城 つばき)
17 years old. A childhood friend of Kenji, she attends the same high school and is in the same class as Kenji and Kyo. She lives in a shrine with her grandmother and serves as a shrine maiden. She also works part-time at the Build Base and is Kyo's co-pilot on the Big Shooter. She is responsible for providing Kenji with the Jeeg parts. As a child she often teased Kenji and made him cry, and lately he often infuriates her, but she genuinely cares for him until typical tsundere violent attitude.

[taken from Wikipedia]

Voice Actors
Ueda, Kana
Di Pisa, Loretta