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Akua Shuzen


Rosario to Vampire: Season II
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Akua Shuzen (朱染 亞愛)
Birthday: November 9 (Scorpio)
Age: 21
Race: Vampire
Class: S-Class
Affiliations: Miao Family, Shuzen Family, Fairy Tale
• Issa Shuzen (father)
• Kahlua Shuzen (younger, oldest step sister)
• Moka Akashiya (younger middle step sister)
• Kokoa Shuzen (youngest step sister)
• Alucard (grandfather, according to herself)
• Jasmine (young sister)
• Elbow Strike
• Seal Breaking
• Jigen-Tō (Dimensional Sword)
• Hōgetsu Jigen-Tō (崩月次元刀, Moon-Crushing Dimensional Sword)
• Yōho Saishūsui (Counter Step Fist Block)
• Hyakūji Ryōran (Profusion of one hundred blades)

She is the oldest sister in the Shuzen Family and the step-sister of Moka, Kokoa and Karua. Being Alucard's granddaughter as well, Akua seems to possess conflicting personality values. She loves Inner Moka very much, but her promise to Akasha to keep Inner Moka safe prevents her from being with Outer Moka. However, she also wishes for the destruction of humanity and is willing to allow Gyokuro to use Moka to awaken Alucard. The reason she became a member of the Shuzen family was to try and steal the power of Akasha Bloodriver, one of the strongest vampires in existence and the sealer of Alucard, an ancient vampire who once aspired to destroy the world (Akasha Bloodriver is also Moka's mother). Akua's mother died when she was young, and she had lived with a relative in China prior to living with the Shuzen family (explaining why she often speaks Chinese).

It is also shown Akua is extremely skilled in Chinese Kung-Fu, as her Yōho Saishūsui would knock a person out for at least three days. In addition, she has also mastered the Hōgetsu Jigen-Tō, a technique used by Tōhō Fūhai, and her skill at the technique is superior to that of Tōhō Fūhai's apprentice Ling-Ling Huang, allowing Akua to use the technique defensively as well as offensively by rendering her body intangible. Akua has amazing insight in battle, as she was able to see the truth behind Kahlua's "tears". It has been noted by Tōhō Fūhai that her body has not aged at all ever since he first saw her in Moka's flashback, suggesting she is immortal. She's known to the Chinese mob scene even as a child, and is called the Black Devil (黒い悪魔, Kuroi Akuma) because of her black clothes and lethal Kung-Fu; even Moka was in awe when Akua saves her from Chinese mobsters in her introductory chapter. Keeping the trend of naming members of the Shuzen Family after types of drinks, Akua's name is the Latin word for water. Currently, being titled as the strongest member of Fairy Tale, she has been defeated by Moka and Tsukune, leaving it a mystery as to if she lived; she was holding back out of love for her sister. During the fight, her memories showed she once had a closest friend, like a sister (Jasmine), but something happen because Akua have a sorrowful memory.

One of Akua's favorite lines is Aiya. She uses this term when she confronts trivial problems and occasionally ends his phrases with it.

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