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Rosario to Vampire: Season II
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Akasha Bloodriver (アカーシャ=ブラッドリバー)
Akasha Bloodriver is the biological mother of Moka Akashiya and the leader of the Three Dark Lords. She is a powerful ShinsoVampire. Akasha has three step-daughters; Kokoa, Kalua and Akua Shuzen.

Whose appearance closely resembles Outer Moka's. Tohofuhai, the second Dark Lord, is a good friend of Akasha and describes her as a strong yet sad woman who carried a heavy burden. Despite being kind and gentle, Akasha is one of the true ancestors of the Vampire race and managed to defeat the most powerful Vampire Lord of her time, thus making her a Dark Lord and leader of the three. However, when she defeated the Vampire Lord Alucard, her blood was synchronized with his blood while sealing him, meaning that if Akasha unleashed her full power, it could cause Alucard to awaken once more.

This caused even more trouble for her when she gave birth to Moka. Because Moka was on the verge of death when she was born, Akasha injected much of her blood into Moka to keep her alive. Therefore, Moka also possesses the "Shinso Blood" and could also awaken Alucard from his slumber. After Moka discovered the corpse of the Vampire Lord, Akasha forced Moka to leave her home in order to protect her. However, when Akasha was seemingly killed by Aqua, it awakened Moka's Shinso Blood, causing Alucard to awaken once more. To save her daughter, Akasha used a rosary seal to create a pseudo personality–Outer Moka–to seal her blood away, and states that it can only be removed by someone who truly cares for her, in this case, Tsukune.She later destroyed all of her photos and diaries, leaving behind no connections except the rosario seal, and left Moka in temporary care with Mikogami. It is later revealed by Akua in chapter 42 that she has fused with Alucard to prevent him from awakening. She is the original user of the quote "Know your place" (身の程を知れ Minohodo o shire?), a quote later taken up by her daughter.

Akasha's name comes from the Vampire Queen Akasha from Anne Rice's novel series The Vampire Chronicles.

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