Kyouka "Mademoiselle" Kanejou

Kyouka Kanejou

B-gata H-kei
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B-gata H-kei
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Kyouka Kanejou (金城京香)
Kyouka Kanejou is rich girl who moved from America to go to the same school as Yamada and Takeshi. She classifies herself as a perfectionist who can do everything, such as modeling, cooking, and sports. She becomes obssessed on becoming queen and beating Yamada, after losing to her in a pageant. She has an excessive brother complex, to a point where she wants her own brother to take her virginity away from her. She has a secret room with posters of him covering the walls, and will do absolutely anything at all costs to win his affection.

Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Yuu
Kang, Kristi
Lasne, Elodie