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Kakuzu (角都)

Age: 91
From: Takigagure, The Village Hidden in the Waterfall
Weapon: Elemental Clones from his body
Partner: Hidan
Role In Akatsuki: To gather funds (Through Bounties)

A missing-nin from Takigakure and Hidan's partner. The first kanji in Kakuzu's name stands for kakugyō, a bishop in shogi. Kakuzu is a greedy individual, prioritizing things in terms of how much they are worth and finding money to be the only thing that he can depend on. Kakuzu's favorite source of income is collecting bounties while carrying out other missions, even putting up with Hidan's religion since it allows him to collect bounties faster. His history as a bounty hunter seems to be extensive, as he is on friendly terms with a bounty collector and even seems to have memorized the information and worth of some of the more dangerous bounties. This view of money has caused Kakuzu to refer to himself as the "Treasurer of Akatsuki," though it is unknown if this is an actual position. Kakuzu also has his own personal banker and accountant. Despite his attachment to money, he places the orders of the Akatsuki leader before any opportunity to make a profit. Kakuzu greatly dislikes the fact that he needs a teammate as a member of Akatsuki, due in part to his habit of killing anyone near him (partners included) when enraged. Having killed all of his previous partners as a result of this, Kakuzu was partnered with Hidan. Neither Kakuzu nor Hidan are fond of their partnership, Kakuzu having little patience for Hidan's time-consuming battle style and rituals and Hidan, in turn, detesting how Kakuzu fights solely for money. Still, because Hidan is immortal, Kakuzu can attack him without worrying about finding a new partner.

Voice Actors
Hashi, Takaya
Tatasciore, Fred
Crépet, Alexandre
Zurla, Alessandro
Rodrigues, Zeca
Portuguese (BR)
Hecker, Ben
Fernández, Dafnis

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