Tooi "Tory Lund" Rondo

Tooi Rondo

Pokemon Advanced Generation: Rekkuu no Houmonsha Deoxys
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Tooi Rondo (トオイ・ロンド)
Tory is a young boy who lives in LaRousse City, a futuristic city in Hoenn that relies completely on technology. He is also the son of the head scientist in LaRousse, Professor Lund.

Four years prior to the main events of the film, Professor Lund took Tory with him on an investigative trip to the Arctic. When a meteorite carrying Deoxys crashed, the impact disrupted a pack of nesting Walrein and caused a stampede. Tory was surrounded by the Walrein and, as a result, became deeply traumatized and found himself terrified of Pokémon. Four years on, Tory's fear of Pokémon still lingered, despite the fact he loved them. However, he had befriended an odd cosmic entity that hid in his father's large laboratory. This would later be revealed to be a spiritual form of a second Deoxys, and the first's friend.

While in the city's Battle Tower, Tory ran into Ash and his Pikachu. Frightened by the presence of Pikachu, Tory raced into an elevator, but Ash dove through the doors at the last moment and tried to ask the stunned boy where the battle floor was, all while Tory backed in a corner. He escaped, Ash but ended up in a two-on-two battle alongside him. Ash lent him his Torkoal, but the battle didn't run incredibly smoothly - Pikachu and Torkoal were defeated easily and Tory became scared by a spinning and looming Blastoise, which reminded him of his encounter with the Walrein.

Tory wandered off (after escaping Ash) and encountered a Plusle and a Minun. The Minun had its head stuck in a bin. Tory helped free it but when the two Pokémon attempted to show their gratitude by hugging him, he freaked out and ran to his father's lab. Ash and Pikachu followed and questioned him about who he talks to (the Deoxys). Tory replied that it was "none of their business" and walked off, but was frightened by a flock of Wingull and fell over. When Ash tried to help him, Tory was again frightened by Pikachu and accidentally knocked Ash over as he scrambled to his feet. Ash finally lost his temper as a result and seized Tory by his shirt collar, but the timely arrival of May, Max and Brock prevented a conflict between the two, and they invited Tory for lunch.

That night, Tory met his friends again with a box of Pokémon cookies, and a fun night involving all the Pokémon followed. The next day, Deoxys began searching for its companion, while Tory and the others were trapped in the city. Several of the group were captured, including the Minun. Tory tried to comfort the Plusle, but his fear got the better of him. Tory helped to restore order and revived the second Deoxys. Teaming up with Ash, Pikachu, and the reunited Plusle and Minun, Tory gave Ash his pass card in order to stop the malfunctioning info cubes. Ash succeeds. Tory, Plusle and Minun are suspended high on top the Battle Tower, but Plusle and Minun lose their balance and fall. Tory dove after them and grabbed them as they fell. The trio are saved by the second Deoxys. Reunited with his father and friends, Tory overcame his fear of Pokémon, and as a result, Plusle and Minun became his new friends. He then said farewell to the two Deoxys who returned to deep space. It is presumed Tory eventually becomes a Pokémon Trainer with Plusle and Minun as his starters.

(Source: Bulbapedia)

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