Midori Mitsuya

Midori Mitsuya

The Sky Crawlers
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Midori Mitsuya (三ツ矢碧)
A Kildren pilot that belongs to a different base from Yuuichi's. During the large battle project involving the amassing of each and every squad, her squad teams up with Urisu base. She holds great pride in her efforts for training to become an ace pilot and approaches Yuuichi, the ace pilot of Urisu base, out of curiosity. On the other hand, she feels strong discord over her identity as a Kildren, and holds a grudge of jealousy against Suito, who is rumoured to have given birth to a child.

(Source: presepe.jp, translated by ap19)

Voice Actors
Kuraoka, Rubina
Kuriyama, Chiaki