Rikiya "Red Ganbar" Ryuzaki

Rikiya Ryuzaki

Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger
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Rikiya Ryuzaki (流崎 力哉)
Rikiya is really serious and hardworker. His dream is a professional baseball player.
he hates dishonest things and is apt to clash with irresponsible Kotaro.
He’s most the common sense person in Ganbar Team.
His house is a ramen shop. He helps the shop well, and is delivering the ramen, His favorite is ramen also.

He transforms to Red Ganbar. His ESP after the transformation is Power.
He has Herculean strength, and only he can fight alone in a Ganbar Team.
the after he had been decided to fight as a Ganbar Team the he are training and killer shot was forced on two people.

He was changed into a beast once by Yaminorius.

Voice Actors
Shimada, Bin