Yousuke "Blue Ganbar, You-chan" Kazamatsuri

Yousuke Kazamatsuri

Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger
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Yousuke Kazamatsuri (風祭 鷹介)
He is a classmate of Kotarou.
He is quiet in faintheartedness in contradiction to Kotaro. but, he does an excessive action at critical times.
he's very busy that he's made to go to many private supplementary schools and lessons by his mother.
He is an arbitration position of Kotaro and Rikiya who quarrel also.
He loves Yurika. and is show power for her. This is called a Yurika-Chan effect.This is called a Yurika-Chan effect.

He transforms to Blue Ganbar. His ESP after transformation is an ability to make the sense sensitive.
He always carries about Ganbar Commander that's the item that looks like the notebook computer, is searches for enemy's weak point and the secret of mechanism is clarified by using it.

Voice Actors
Minami, Omi
Spencer, Marian Elizabeth