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Everlue (エバルー)
Duke Everlue is the main antagonist of the Daybreak arc. A corrupted politician, he holds absolute power and influence over the nearby town of Shirotsume.

Everlue is a conceited and selfish man who declares himself to be highly-cultured and superior to everyone around him. He keeps a massive collection of books to flaunt his avid love for literature, though Lucy refers to him as an enemy of literature for blackmailing novelist Kemu Zaleon into writing a novel with Everlue as the main character. He is also extremely greedy and possessive, deeming anything he owns to be his alone and refuses to give it away or let anyone touch it even if he sees it as worthless.

Everlue has a rather twisted sense of beauty: He views otherwise, unattractive women to be beautiful, and declares ordinary-looking girls such as Lucy to be ugly. As a mage who specializes in Diver magic, he has a tendency to appear anywhere by bursting through the ground. He owned Virgo before Lucy had it.

(Source: Fairy Tail Wikia)

Voice Actors
Ayres, Christopher
Taira, Katsui
Draghetti, Roberto
Surugue, Gérard
Krohm, Uli