Kuruyo "Calista"


Pokemon Advanced Generation
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Calista appeared to be very enthusiastic about archeology and Pokémon. However, her parents refused to support her decision to pursue this career. One day, she received a phone call telling her to go and locate a tree hole in a forest with her Baltoy. With Ash's help, they located a mysterious woman in the tree hole, but she disappeared soon after.

Following her into the hole, they found a large number of boulders, which Baltoy moved aside. Underneath, they found a badly injured Baltoy. Suddenly, the mysterious woman appeared and informed the kids that she was Calista's future self. She put her Baltoy on an altar when it fell, trapping it under the boulder. She called Calista in the past, hoping she'd help save Baltoy. After saving it, future Calista reminded present Calista not to give up on her hobbies.

She also made a very brief cameo in One Big Happiny Family during the Team Rocket scheme segment.

Voice Actors
Mitsuishi, Kotono
Adams, Lisa