Kanata "Kelly"


Pokemon Advanced Generation
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Kelly appeared in Pokéblock, Stock and Berry and Lessons in Lilycove. A resident of Lilycove City, she and May became fast friends, as well as rivals. Kelly's mom owns a Berry store, which May visited with Kelly. It was here that May learned how to make Pokéblock for the first time.

The two also faced off against each other in the Lilycove Contest. Using her Combusken, May got off to a bad start, but gradually made her way through the appeals round. Kelly, on the other hand, was very successful in making her way through. Eventually, Kelly faced off against May in the final round of the contest.

Her Grumpig battled hard, but it was no match for May's Fire-type Pokémon. May won the contest, and earned her third Ribbon.

Kelly was also seen very briefly at home watching the Hoenn Grand Festival on TV in Deceit and Assist.

Voice Actors
Matsumoto, Marika
Fernandes, Samira
Kaplan, Liza