Gozo Otowara

Gozo Otowara

Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Herlock
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Gozo Otowara
A former commander of the Earth Garrison, Gozo lost his position after he shot his wife and found that the courts weren't buying the old "My wife was an alien assassin and was up to no good" excuse. After meeting then-current commander Kiruta in a bar and finding that his successor has also become aware of the impending invasion, Gozo is inspired to once again take up arms in defense of earth.

Gozo was once engaged to Masu Tsunajima, the Arcadia's resident, ahem, chef. However, a misunderstanding caused each to believe they had been abandoned by the other, and they do not encounter one another again until the final moments of Gozo's life, when the two share a conversation and a song over the radio as Gozo prepares to face off with an incoming Mazone squadron all on his own.

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Voice Actors
Kitagawa, Yonehiko