Professor Aihn

Professor Aihn

Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Herlock
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Professor Aihn
A scientist who has forsaken the technological society of earth to live on the South Seas-esque paradise of the Human's Planet (one of seven planets in the Ulysses Nebula,) Professor Aihn took care of Harlock in his younger days, and affectionately calls the pirate his son. (The exact time and duration of this relationship is never disclosed.) Harlock meets with Aihn again while searching the nebula for the kidnapped Mayu (in the Space Pirate series), but unknown to Harlock, a Mazone agent named Miyu has come and threatened to kill the colony's children if Aihn does not use his tectonic and weather-controlling device against Harlock. Harlock predictably survives, but the colony is brought to ruin, and only the two youngest children, Ikaru and Vina, survive the assault. Aihn is killed when he takes a shot aimed at Ikaru, who, along with Vina, stays behind to rebuild the devastated paradise.


Voice Actors
Kitagawa, Yonehiko