Sailor Buri

Sailor Buri

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Sailor Buri (セーラーブリ )
Sailor Buri was the Phage created from the actress Alice Itsuki. She was the first Phage to be fought by Sailor Moon.

Sailor Buri was created when Sailor Iron Mouse removed Alice Itsuki's Star Seed from her body, believing her to be the possible holder of a True Star Seed. However, Alice's Star Seed soon turned black, and without it she underwent transfomation into a Phage. The resultant creature, based around Alice's talent as an actress and idol, was Sailor Buri.

Sailor Iron Mouse quickly withdrew once she realised that Alice was of no use to her, leaving Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights to face the Phage. Sailor Buri attacked Sailor Moon, who refused to retaliate, not wanting to harm the innocent Alice Itsuki. However, Sailor Star Fighter stepped in and blasted the Phage with Star Serious Laser. When Sailor Moon protested, Sailor Star Fighter explained that once a Phage was created, there was no way to restore its original form, and thus it was better to put the creature out of its misery. Sailor Moon refused to believe this, and was ultimately successful in saving Alice by performing Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. This attack purified the Phage and allowed Alice's Star Seed to return to her body, restoring her to normal.

Sailor Buri wore a costume with a yellow fish tail, a hood shaped like a fish's head and a brassiere resembling two pink fish kissing each other. Like all Phage, her oufit featured a sailor collar. Her face was covered in extremely heavy make-up.

Sailor Buri used a microphone as a weapon. The surface of the item covered in metal spikes, and it could be used in much the same way as a mace. The microphone cable could extend in order to reach her opponent.

(Source: Wikimoon)

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