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Inuppe (犬ッペ)
Inuppe, a penguin with a dog's face stitched to its body, has the same personality and attributes as Sanji (even having his left eye closed, which is the eye Sanji generally hides with his hair). Unfortunately, since Sanji's wanted poster does not look like Sanji, Moria and his minions took Sanji's identity for granted. They even mistook him as having no bounty at all. As a result, Sanji's shadow wasn't given a strong zombie body and as a counterpart wasn't included in the Zombie General ranks, his combat abilities though were praised by other zombies to be on par. He uses Sanji's Fighting Style

Upon seeing Nami in danger, he deliberately stopped the other Zombie Animals from harming her. He stated that even if it would disobey his master, he will not allow a woman to be harmed. His strength in defending Nami from the other Zombie Animals was apparently so great that they started to compare him with the Zombie Generals. The newcomer, despite his efforts, was however defeated by Absalom.

Later, he becomes more obedient. He was able to hold down Robin and Chopper, while he was being helped by Jigorou.

Even though no ego was left, he still couldn't get along with Jigorou, who has Zoro's shadow. They got in a fight over orders. Hogback unintentionally ordered both to jump out of the building, which both did.

After having jumped off the building, Sanji's shadow was later taken out of Inuppe and absorbed by Moria along with the other shadows he implanted in his zombie minions.

(Source - One Piece Wiki)

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