Mullem Desoive Eligh "Demon Sword, Morgif" Morgif

Mullem Desoive Eligh Morgif

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Mullem Desoive Eligh Morgif (モルギフ)

The Demon sword which can only be handled by the Maoh. Yuri sets out on a journey to find it and, once he's found it, reluctantly takes it with him on most adventures. Morgif originally had a jewel on its 'forehead', that served as the source of his power. It fell out when Cheri-sama dropped Morgif. Yuri gave the jewel to Yozak and tells him to do whatever he wanted with it. The jewel is not returned until much later when Morgif has to fight a powerful Holy Sword. That's not to say Morgif is helpless without his jewel. The extent of his powers without that source are a mystery, and his powers with it are said to be limitless.

Since he is the Maoh's sword, and nothing the Maoh owns is ever ordinary, Morgif is a sword with a personality of a cheerfully lecherous old man. Murata, having been the Great Sage (Daikenja) in his former life, mentioned that Morgif had changed a lot; apparently Morgif used to have "a young and handsome face" and a "soothing counter-tenor voice". When the "Stone of the Dragon King", a jewel belonging to the royal family, was "stolen", Yuri uses Morgif to help find it, reasoning that Morgif saw the thief. However, it just turns out that Cheri took it to use it as a centerpiece of her necklace, leaving an IOU for it in the treasure room.

Erhard Wincott, the ancestor of Susannah Julia von Wincott, was an inventor who carried out many tests. One of them included Morgif and its history. Morgif was created from powerful lava streaming from a particular volcano on Bandadine Island. If Morgif is thrown into the lava again, it would assume its original form, a heavily decorated black sword, which Yuri uses to defeat the Soushu / Originators.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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