Ojiisan "Old Man"


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Ojiisan (お爺さん)
The Old Man is a minor character in the 07 Ghost series. He is a nameless character and the second victim of a Kor shown in the series, and the first one who has become a Kor.
The old man appears to have lived within the Church grounds for some time, as he notes that he had been wandering the Church for a while. He used to live with his wife, who's name is unknown, and he either has no children or they have moved away. His wife, who appears to have been ill or infirm, as she seemed to be unable to stand in the picture the old man had. When she passed away she was buried in the Church cementary, and the old man was unable to return home upon realising that there would be no one there to great him, as it was just the two of them living there, and the thought of his wife being lonley. He visits the Church cementary apparantly every night. Sometime after his wife's death, he became a Kor. The wish he made may have been to be reunited with his wife.

Voice Actors
Senda, Mitsuo